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How can we help your business unlock capital and provide cash flow?

​​Whether you are buying your business or looking to finance your business, there is lots of stress and complications involved in business financing. That is where we come in. We specialise in helping you and your business in applying for business loans, cash flow lending, bank guarantees, overdrafts/line of credit, asset and vehicle financing. 

Cash Flow Lending

Unsecured Business Overdraft, Line of Credit up to $150,000. What keeps you up at night? Needing funds to pay staff, the Australian Tax Office, GST, buying stock and not enough cash? Being a business owner, you may not have the time to get your financials and tax returns prepared - we may be able to help your business with unsecured business overdrafts or business loans with one of our financiers.

Secured Business Overdrafts, Line of Credit of more than $150,000. We may be able to help with a more permanent facility with one of our financiers.

Business Loan

We can assist with business loans to help your business grow. This can be secured by residential property, commercial property or term deposits. 

Commercial Property Finance

Buying a commercial property for your business or for investment purposes, we can help you or your business to finance this.

Bank Guarantees, Trade Finance, Factoring/Debtor Finance

If you are a trading business, and you need to provide a bank guarantee to tender for a contract or as a performance bond we can help by liaising with the banking institution to best assist you in this regards. We also can assist in finding the best organisation to help you with trade finance the trade for both domestic and international trade transactions. We can also assist in organising the application and financing of debtor finance (lending against your business' balance sheet of trade debtors). 

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