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When would you be ready to purchase a home?

Make sure you do not miss out on buying your dream property when the time is right. 

Getting a pre-approval is essential to ensure that the Lender has assessed your borrowing capacity and given you an indication as to how much they are willing to lend to you to purchase the property.

This will allow you to act fast when you need to and gives you a better chance of locking down a new place with the Real Estate Agent, before someone else does. 

It is always prudent to obtain a pre-approval before signing a purchase contract with the real estate agent. 

How much will it cost?

At this stage, there is no obligation for you to take the loan, and the lender does not have an obligation to lend that amount to you either. 

We do not charge you anything to get a pre-approval.

What information do you need to provide?

Let us know:

  • where you would like to buy?

  • what type of property you would like to buy (house, townhouse, apartment, unit, new or existing built)?

  • how much you would like to spend on the property?

  • how much you have saved?

  • how much your income is?

  • how much your living expenses are?

  • have a look below as to which lender you can be with, we have 32 lenders for you to choose from?

For a start, please have the following at hand: (we will send you a detailed email specifying what is exactly needed)

  • your identification documentation (such as a driver's licence and passport)

  • latest statements to show your assets (savings) and liabilities

  • payslips (if employed by others) and/or business financials and/or tax returns (if self employed)

Next steps?

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